Matchroom Pool - World Pool Masters

World Pool Masters

May 5-8, 2022 Europa Point Sports Park

The World Pool Masters, 9-ball’s biggest invitational tournament, returns to Gibraltar over four action-packed days.

Prize Fund

Preliminary Round $1,750


Last 16 $2,250


Quarter-Finalists $3,750


Semi-Finalists $7,500


Runner-Up $13,000


Winner $25,000


Total $100,000

The Break
All matches are winner break. The balls will be hand racked with the 1-ball resting on the spot. The balls won’t be tapped and will be hand racked by the referee with a plastic rack. Players will be NOT be permitted to inspect the rack and cannot ask for the balls to be re-racked, re-positioned or moved.

Shot Clock
A 30-second shot clock will be in operation throughout the tournament. Each team will have one 30-second extension per rack.

Match Races
All matches are Race to 7, except the final which is a Race to 9

2019David Alcaide
2018Niels Feijen (Netherlands)
2017David Alcaide (Spain)
2015Shane Van Boening (USA)
Manchester, England
2014Shane Van Boening (USA)
Nottingham, England
2013Niels Feijen (Holland)
Barnsley, England
2012Karol Skowerski (Poland)
Kielce, Poland
2011Ralf Souquet (Germany)
Manila, Philippines
2010Dennis Orcollo (Philippines)
Las Vegas, USA
2009Darren Appleton (England)
Las Vegas, USA
2008Alex Pagulayan (Philippines)
Las Vegas, USA
2007Thomas Engert (Germany)
Egmond aan Zee, Holland
2006Ralf Souquet (Germany)
Egmond aan Zee, Holland
2005Raj Hundal (England)
Doncaster, England
2004Thomas Engert (Germany)
Egmond aan Zee, Holland
2003Tony Drago (Malta)
Egmond aan Zee, Holland
2002Ralf Souquet (Germany)
Milton Keynes, England
2001Francisco Bustamante (Philippines)
Lakeside, England
2000Ralf Souquet (Germany)
Lakeside, England
1999Alex Lely (Holland)
Lakeside, England
1998Francisco Bustamante (Philippines)
Lakeside, England
1997Earl Strickland (USA)
Lakeside, England
1996Ralf Souquet (Germany)
Blackpool, England
1995Daryl Peach (England)
Blackpool, England
1994Ralf Souquet (Germany)
Doncaster, England
1993Werner Duregger (Austria)
Plymouth, England

The World Pool Masters will be shown live on TV networks as listed below. In countries not listed below, the event will be available live on Matchroom.Live