Joshua Filler and Fedor Gorst will contest the 2024 World Pool Masters final at the Halle39 in Hildesheim, Germany, in partnership with local organiser Moltke Sports and host broadcaster Sky Sports.


Semi-Final Results

Joshua Filler 11-8 Ko Pin Yi

Fedor Gorst 11-7 Jayson Shaw


The semi-finals commenced with a mouthwatering matchup, featuring defending champion Ko Pin Yi and the 2022 World Pool Masters champion, Joshua Filler, both eyeing their second World Pool Masters title.

Filler took an early lead in the opening racks, with Ko closely trailing behind, securing a victory in the third rack. However, Ko’s missed attempt to pocket the 5 ball in the fourth rack handed Filler an opportunity to showcase his prowess with an incredible bank shot on the 8 ball. The ‘Prince of Pool’ retaliated against Filler’s safety play with the 1 ball, setting himself up for a 1-9 combo off the bank.

Despite the initially balanced playing field, Ko’s failure to sink two long shots in racks 7 and 9 paved the way for Filler to establish an unassailable lead in the semi-final. Filler’s five-rack winning streak was interrupted in rack 12 when Ko fluked the 9 ball off the 2 ball after Filler played a safety shot. In rack 14, Filler attempted to seize back control but missed the 4 ball, allowing Ko to execute a spectacular jump shot on the 5 ball and secure his third consecutive rack win.

However, Ko’s winning streak was short-lived as he failed to pocket the 5 ball in the following rack, enabling Filler to not only clear up but also reach the hill in rack 16. Despite Ko’s valiant efforts to secure two more rack wins in the seventeenth and eighteenth, his luck ran out in rack 19 when he scratched while attempting to pocket the 1 ball. This setback allowed ‘Killer’ Filler to eliminate the defending champion and advance into the final with his head held high.

The semi-finals concluded with a grudge match between the British billiards player Jayson Shaw and the American sensation Fedor Gorst, seeking vengeance after his defeat to Shaw in the Hanoi Open last year.

Fedor initiated his quest for revenge with an 8-9 combo in rack 1, only to concede the advantage to Shaw in the second rack following a scratch, levelling the playing field. In rack 6, Fedor missed the 2 ball, seemingly setting the stage for Shaw to capitalise, but the Brit mirrored Fedor’s error, missing the 2 ball and handing the rack to the American. ‘Eagle Eye’ Shaw retaliated after Fedor failed a jumpshot on the 2 ball in rack 7, allowing Shaw to inch past Gorst and seize the lead in the subsequent rack.

Gorst redeemed himself with a remarkable jumpshot across the table to pocket the 3 ball and regain control in rack 9, sparking a fierce exchange between the two cueists. By rack 15, Shaw attempted to break from a level playing field with a safety shot, but Fedor capitalised by potting the 2 ball, igniting the American’s sweet revenge in a four-rack winning streak to eliminate the Brit and move closer to securing the title.

The final begins at 7 pm UK time tonight, with 13 being the magic number for victory and a maiden World Pool Masters crown for either Joshua Filler or Fedor Gorst.

Watch live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland, DAZN in the USA, Spain, Italy, and Brazil as well as on Viaplay in the Netherlands, Poland, Scandinavia and the Baltics. If no broadcaster is available in your country, watch the action on Matchroom.Live. See where to watch in your country here

The 30th Anniversary of World Pool Masters will maintain last year’s most challenging format, with 16 players competing to take home a $40,000 share from an enticing $125,000 prize pool. Opening round ties will be Race to 9 with the Matchroom break box, magic-racking, and winner breaks in action, with the tournament stretching going to race to 10 for the quarter-finals, 11 for the semi-finals, and 13 for the final.

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