Derby City Classic 9-Ball Event
January 26-29, 2022
Derby City Classic 9-Ball EventKentucky, USA$75,000
Ranking Event
Premier League Pool
February 14-21, 2022
Premier League PoolStadium MK, Milton Keynes$100,000
EuroTour Lasko Open
February 26-28, 2022
EuroTour Lasko OpenLaško, Slovenia
Ranking Event
World Pool Championship
April 6-10, 2022
World Pool ChampionshipMarshall Arena, Milton Keynes$325,000, $500 ENTRY
Blue Ribbon
Diamond Open Nineball Professional Players Championship
April 19-24, 2022
Diamond Open Nineball Professional Players ChampionshipGreater Philadelphia Expo CenterGuaranteed $10,000 first place
Ranking Event
EuroTour Treviso Open
April 29-May 2, 2022
EuroTour Treviso OpenTreviso, Italy
Ranking Event
World Pool Masters
May 5-8, 2022
World Pool MastersEuropa Sports Complex, Gibraltar$100,000
Bucharest Open
May 13-15, 2022
Bucharest OpenIDB Club, Bucharest, Romania
Ranking Event
UK Open Pool
May 17-22, 2022
UK Open PoolCopper Box Arena$200,000, $250 ENTRY
Major Event
Sandcastle 9-Ball Open
June 3-5, 2022
Sandcastle 9-Ball OpenNew Jersey
Ranking Event
World Cup of Pool
June 14-19, 2022
World Cup of PoolBrentwood Centre$250,000
EuroTour St Johann im Pongau Open
June 24-27, 2022
EuroTour St Johann im Pongau OpenSalzburg, Austria
Ranking Event
EuroTour Petrich Open
August 6-8, 2022
EuroTour Petrich OpenPetrich, Bulgaria
Ranking Event
European Open Pool
August 9-14, 2022
European Open PoolHotel Esperanto Fulda, Fulda, Germany$200,000, $250 ENTRY
Major Event
APF Asian 9-Ball Open
August 24-28, 2022
APF Asian 9-Ball OpenAspire Recreation Centre (ARC), Singapore
Ranking Event
PRP Nineball Open
September 14-19, 2022
PRP Nineball OpenZaragoza, Spain
Ranking Event
Slovenia Open
October 1-3, 2022
Slovenia OpenSlovenia
Ranking Event
Sandcastle 9-Ball Open
October 6-8, 2022
Sandcastle 9-Ball OpenNew Jersey, USA
Ranking Event
US Open Pool Championship
October 10-15, 2022
US Open Pool ChampionshipHarrahs Resort, Atlantic City$300,000, $750 ENTRY
Blue Ribbon
International Open
October 30-November 5, 2022
International OpenVirginia, USA
Ranking Event
EuroTour Treviso Open
November 25-27, 2022
EuroTour Treviso OpenTreviso, Italy
Ranking Event
Mosconi Cup
November 30-December 3, 2022
Mosconi CupBallys Casino, Las Vegas$225,000


Find out using our event information booklet

Ranking tournaments on the Matchroom Nineball World Rankings contribute to a player’s position on the 2023 rankings which will take shape after every ranking event in 2022.

Prize money will be added to a player’s position on the rankings. For example, if a player wins $50,000 in a Ranking Event, that $50,000 will be added to the players earnings on the rankings and be reflect in position.

The Matchroom Nineball Pool World Rankings are open to any tournament recognised by Matchroom and given Matchroom’s approval and from 2023, WPA’s sanction. Find out by checking the full schedule above.

Events fit into the below categories

Event Status (subject to change and review on a yearly basis)

  • Blue Ribbon > $300,000 +
  • Major Events > $150,000 – $299,999
  • Ranking Events > Up to $149,999

You can enter open tournaments ran by Matchroom Nineball on our website. You will be able to enter when the ‘Enter’ button is shown next to events on the schedule above. Keep an eye out on Matchroom Pool social pages for when entries open.

Email us at – we’d love to speak.

Selection Process

For the first time, the Live Nineball World Rankings will come into play, with three players from each side who will qualify on order of merit from the Nineball World Rankings. The Live (2023) Nineball World Rankings are updated after every event recognised by the Nineball World Rankings Schedule this year and still poised to grow further. The final two players from each side will be wild cards.

The Cutoff

The top two players from each team off the Live (2023) Nineball World Rankings will be selected after the conclusion of the 2022 US Open Pool Championship at Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City October 10-15.

The final three players from each team will be picked after the conclusion of the European Open Pool Championship from November 15-20 with one further player from each side joining from the Live (2023) Nineball World Rankings followed up by two wild card picks.

A select committee consisting of members outside of Matchroom was gathered to decide on the Top 32 with eight players also recognised as top up players for upcoming tournaments. They are sanctioned by World Pool-Billiard Association.

Yes, tournaments that are drawn using seedings will be seeded by position on the Matchroom Nineball World rankings.

The first look at the 2023 Rankings will come at the conclusion of the Derby City Classic Nineball tournament on January 26.