Matchroom Pool - European Open Pool Championship

European Open Pool Championship

November 15-20, 2022 TBC, Germany

Matchroom Pool heads to Germany with a brand-new major event; the European Open.

Players from around the world, led by the top 32 players on the Nineball World Rankings, will be competing to capture the title from a field of 256. The double-elimination format will take the players down to 16, after which all matches become single elimination.

The race-to-9, winner breaks format played across multiple tables guarantees action at any time across the room as Nineball expands with its latest major open event.

Prize Fund

Winner $30,000

Runner-up $15,000

Finalist $7,500

Quarter-Finalist $5,500

16th+ $3,750

33rd+ $1,250

49th+ $1,000

65th+ $500

97th+ $250