Matchroom Pool - World Cup of Pool

World Cup of Pool

June 14-19, 2022 Brentwood Centre, Essex

The World Cup of Pool returns this June 13-19 as 32 nations collide aiming to take down the title in Brentwood, England.

The World Cup of Pool has been an established major event in 9-ball since 2006 and adopts a straight-knockout format. Matches are race to 7 in the first two rounds, race to 9 in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, and race to 11 in the final.

Germany are defending champions having won the trophy for a second time in the country’s history in 2021. Previous winners of the World Cup of Pool include Philippines, China, Austria, and the USA.

The Break
All matches are winner break. The balls will be hand racked with the 1-ball resting on the spot. The balls won’t be tapped and will be hand racked by the referee with a plastic rack. Players will be NOT be permitted to inspect the rack and cannot ask for the balls to be re-racked, re-positioned or moved.

Shot Clock
A 30-second shot clock will be in operation throughout the tournament. Each team will have one 30-second extension per rack.

Match Races
Round 1 – Race to 7
Round 2 – Race to 7
Quarter Finals – Race to 9
Semi Finals – Race to 9
Final – Race to 11

2021Germany (Joshua Filler & Christoph Reintjes)
Milton Keynes, England
2019Austria (Albin Ouschan & Mario He)
Leicester, England
2018China (Wu Jiaqing & Liu Haitao)
Luwan Arena, Shanghai
2017Austria (Albin Ouschan & Mario He)
York Hall, London, England
2015Chinese Taipei (Ko Pin Yi & Chang Yu Lung)
York Hall, London, England
2014England A (D. Appleton & K. Boyes)
Portsmouth, England
2013Philippines (L.V. Corteza & D. Orcollo)
London, England
2012Finland (M. Immonen & P. Makkonen)
Manila, Philippines
2011Germany (R. Souquet & T. Hohmann)
Manila, Philippines
2010China (Fu Jianbo & Li Hewen)
Manila, Philippines
2009Philippines (E. Reyes & F. Bustamante)
Manila, Philippines
2008USA (R. Morris & S. Van Boening)
Rotterdam, Holland
2007China (Fu Jianbo & Li Hewen)
Rotterdam, Holland
2006Philippines (E. Reyes & F. Bustamante)
Newport, Wales

The World Cup of Pool will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, DAZN and networks around the world as listed below.

In all nations not covered by broadcasters listed, the event will be available live at Matchroom.Live

DAZN | USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain
Fox Sports | Australia
Nova | Czech Rep/Slovakia
Match TV | Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
Sky | New Zealand
Sportklub | Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Slovenia
Sky Sports | UK and Ireland
SuperSport | Sub-Saharan Africa
Sportklub | Poland
Viaplay | Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden