Matchroom Pool will add a fifth junior open to the ever-growing World Nineball Tour schedule, the Vietnam Junior Open, that will run alongside the inaugural Asian Open Pool Championship in Hanoi, Vietnam from October 13-14.

  • $10,000 prize fund on offer
  • Tournament to take place on October 13-14
  • Opportunity open to all juniors aged 17 and under


As part of Matchroom Pool’s commitment to growing the grassroots of the game for everyone, the Vietnam Junior Open, becomes the fifth Junior tournament on the World Nineball Tour, and the first in Asia.

The final will also be live streamed on the Matchroom Pool social media pages with coverage also set to feature during the live broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK, Vietcontent in Vietnam, and networks worldwide.

The new junior open aims to inspire and develop all junior players in Asia who dream of turning professional on the World Nineball Tour. The Vietnam Junior Open will offer a prize fund of $10,000, with 64 spots available following the same format as the SVB Junior Open, JS Junior Open, FSR Junior Open, and Fillers’ Junior Open.

Matchroom Pool is committed to the World Nineball Tour affording opportunities to everyone with entry free to all juniors taking part and publishing the final of the event live on YouTube as well as highlights within the Sky Sports programme on August 12. Onboard Sportswear will provide a free custom Vietnam Junior Open jersey so all can feel and look the part as they do battle in the same main event arena of the inaugural Asian Open Pool Championship taking place at Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium from October 10-15. Aramith will donate the winner the set of Aramith Black balls from their final match so they can take home every memory of their prestigious Junior final.

Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer said: “We’re delighted to add another junior open to the WNT schedule, and the first of its kind in Asia. The game of Nineball is growing and already has a large following in Vietnam and the continent of Asia.

We want to inspire the next generation of professional Asian pool players to chase their dreams, and what better way than to give them a taste of that future than by allowing them to compete in the World Nineball Tour arena for two days.”

Vietcontent President, Ms. Tran Thuy Chi said: “In Vietnam, there is a saying: ‘building a house from the foundation’. By organising the Vietnam Junior Open, Vietcontent hopes to encourage training and playing pool in a systematic manner, starting from a young age, and create an opportunity for young Vietnamese players to interact with international players. Asian Open brings them the best experience playing in international stage. During the registration time for the Qualifiers Event Peri 9 Ball Open (WNT Ranking Event) and Asian Open Pool Championship (WNT Major), many young players signed up although they were underage, with the desire to express support for the Event, and proudly witness the explosion of Billiards in Vietnam.”

Our thanks go to the City of Hanoi and Vietcontent, in addition to our partners Cuetec, Kamui, Rasson, Aramith, and Iwan Simonis for getting behind our Junior Open campaign.

32 spots will be available for open entry, the remaining 32 spots will be filled via local academies in Vietnam.

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