The World Nineball Tour are delighted to confirm the top 100 ranked players qualified to play in the crown jewel of WNT, the World Pool Championship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland.


The thrilling final of the 2024 UK Open Pool Championship cemented the top 100 WNT ranked professionals gearing up for the World Pool Championship in the Green Halls, Jeddah between 3-8 June, in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Billiard & Snooker Federation (SABSF) and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sport.

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz maintains his status as No.1 on the rankings, and is joined by other stars including Shane Van Boening, Fedor Gorst, and Albin Ouschan in a pursuit to claim another World Pool Championship title next month.

Ruiz said: “I am so happy to retain my No.1 ranking, especially as we head into this year’s World Pool Championship in Saudi Arabia next month. My goal is not only to maintain my top position on the World Nineball Tour but also to defend my World Pool Championship title. I am determined to showcase my best game and emerge victorious once again on the world stage.”

The landmark event will see a field of 128 elite cueists battling it out in a double-elimination format for the record-breaking prize fund of $1,000,000, and a top prize of $250,000 – both the highest ever on the World Nineball Tour.

In addition to the top 100, the remaining 28 players will be made up of wildcard entries, 13 of whom will represent the host nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Full details of the players representing Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries will be announced soon.

Matchroom Multi Sport CEO Emily Frazer said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has hosted the world’s premier sporting spectacles of late and we are thrilled to be staging the prestigious World Pool Championships in Jeddah. Now the world’s top 100 are all signed up, this tournament truly will live up to the hype. The fans are in for a real treat and you will not want to miss it.

“We are hugely grateful to both the Saudi Arabian Billiard & Snooker Federation and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sport for their incredible vision and invaluable support in making this elite event a reality.”

The World Pool Championship joins an incredible year-round schedule of international sports in Saudi Arabia, where investment across all sports is inspiring the population to embrace active and healthy lifestyles as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 cultural transformation.

From its investments in grassroots infrastructure to hosting international events – including motorsport, football, tennis, and boxing – the country’s Ministry of Sport has helped inspire an 800% increase in organised sports groups and a 300% increase in weekly sports participation among the local population.

Saudi Arabia Billiard & Snooker Federation President Dr. Nasser Saab Al-Shammari added: We could not be more excited to host the World Pool Championship, an incredible international event steeped in history and prestige with a huge global following. Welcoming the world’s greatest players for the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the World Nineball Tour is an occasion that will certainly be embraced and enjoyed by a Saudi population whose affiliation with this sport dates back many decades. The opportunity to work alongside both Matchroom Sport and our Ministry of Sport in staging this spectacle is a genuine privilege.”


The top 100 World Nineball Tour players:

  1. Francisco Sánchez Ruiz – Spain
  2. Fedor Gorst – USA
  3. Shane Van Boening – USA
  4. Ko Ping Chung – Chinese Taipei
  5. Jayson Shaw – Great Britain
  6. Albin Ouschan – Austria
  7. Joshua Filler – Germany
  8. David Alcaide – Spain
  9. Aloysius Yapp – Singapore
  10. Mario He – Austria
  11. Wiktor Zielinski – Poland
  12. Ko Pin Yi – Chinese Taipei
  13. Eklent Kaci – Albania
  14. Moritz Neuhausen – Germany
  15. Max Lechner – Austria
  16. Skyler Woodward – USA
  17. Alex Kazakis – Greece
  18. Mieszko Fortuński – Poland
  19. Pijus Labutis – Lithuania
  20. Niels Feijen – Netherlands
  21. Jonas Souto – Spain
  22. Robbie Capito – Hong Kong China
  23. Sanjin Pehlivanovic – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  24. Carlo Biado – Philippines
  25. Naoyuki Oi – Japan
  26. Michael Feliciano – Philippines
  27. Aleksa Pecelj – Serbia
  28. Tyler Styer – USA
  29. Mohammad Soufi – Syria
  30. John Morra – Canada
  31. Duong Quoc Hoang – Vietnam
  32. Konrad Juszczyszyn – Poland
  33. Olivér Szolnoki – Hungary
  34. Oscar Dominguez – USA
  35. Chang Jung Lin – Chinese Taipei
  36. Marc Bijsterbosch – Netherlands
  37. Thorsten Hohmann – Germany
  38. Anton Raga – Philippines
  39. Wu Kun Lin – Chinese Taipei
  40. Denis Grabe – Estonia
  41. Dang Jin Hu – China
  42. Abdullah Alyousef – Kuwait
  43. Shane Wolford – USA
  44. Ralf Souquet – Germany
  45. Billy Jr Ussery – USA
  46. James Aranas – Philippines
  47. Jani Uski – Finland
  48. Lee Vann Corteza – Philippines
  49. Dimitri Jungo – Switzerland
  50. Alex Pagulayan – Canada
  51. Billy Thorpe – USA
  52. Mickey Krause – Denmark
  53. Roland Garcia – Philippines
  54. Tobias Bongers – Germany
  55. Imran Majid – Great Britain
  56. Chris Melling – Great Britain
  57. Dimitris Loukatos – Greece
  58. Hsieh Chia Chen – Chinese Taipei
  59. Chang Yu Lung – Chinese Taipei
  60. Johann Chua – Philippines
  61. Darren Appleton – Great Britain
  62. Francesco Candela – Italy
  63. Elliott Sanderson – Great Britain
  64. Kyle Amoroto – Philippines
  65. Besar Spahiu – Albania
  66. Liu Ri Teng – Chinese Taipei
  67. Emil André Gangfløt – Norway
  68. Jeremy Sossei – USA
  69. Jan van Lierop – Netherlands
  70. Marco Teutscher – Netherlands
  71. Omar alshaheen – Kuwait
  72. João Grilo – Portugal
  73. Mustafa Alnar – Northern Cyprus
  74. Lo Ho Sum – Hong Kong China
  75. Hunter Lombardo – USA
  76. Sullivan Clark – New Zealand
  77. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Vietnam
  78. Georgi Georgiev – Bulgarian
  79. Bernie Regalario – Philippines
  80. Michael Schneider – Switzerland
  81. Patric Gonzales – Philippines
  82. Fitim Haradinaj – Kosovo
  83. Jeffrey Ignacio – Philippines
  84. Tim De Ruyter – Netherlands
  85. ΝIkos Ekonomopoulos – Greece
  86. Ajdin Piknjac – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  87. Toh Lian Han – Singapore
  88. Daniel Guttenberger – Austria
  89. Jefrey Roda – Philippines
  90. Karl Gnadeberg – Estonia
  91. Masato Yoshioka – Japan
  92. Fu Che Wei – Chinese Taipei
  93. Riku Romppanen – Finland
  94. Albert Manas – Philippines
  95. Pham Phuong Nam – Vietnam
  96. Kledio Kaci – Albania
  97. Luong Duc Thien – Vietnam
  98. Nicholas De Leon – USA
  99. Kuo Po Cheng – Chinese Taipei
  100. Ko Ping Han – Chinese Taipei

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