Interview: Johan Ruijsink

Interview: Johan Ruijsink

We spoke to Coach Ruijsink at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas last month.

In this honest and wide-ranging interview Ruijsink discusses:

🎱 How much last year’s defeat hurt
🎱 What he is working on with the players at his training camps
🎱 The progress being made by Mosconi Cup Team USA
🎱 The new players who have joined the team this year
🎱 The mistakes which cost America at last year’s partypoker Mosconi Cup
🎱 Why USA are closer to Mosconi Cup Team Europe than recent results might suggest
🎱 Dealing with Europe’s passionate home support
🎱 Jeremy Jones‘ role as vice-captain
🎱 Trimming the team down to his final five

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