Champs open defence with Ashes showdown

Champs open defence with Ashes showdown

Defending Champions England A will be getting their defence of the 2015 World Cup of Pool underway with a showdown against Ashes rivals Australia on the opening evening of the tournament. Taking place on the evening of Tuesday 22nd September at the famous York Hall in Bethnal Green, England’s Karl Boyes and Darren Appleton will be looking continue Australia’s dismal winless run in the competition.

Other marquee matches in the opening round of the $250,000 pairs tournament include last year’s runners-up Holland against the well-supported Indian team and betting favourites the Philippines against the dangerous Russian duo. Both matches are slated for Wednesday evening.

Previous champions China get their World Cup underway on the opening afternoon against debutants Romania while 2012 winners Finland face Belgium. Other big name teams include USA (Shane Van Boening and Mike Dechaine) against Qatar and Taiwan against Estonia.

The 2015 World Cup of Pool runs from Tuesday 22nd and culminates in the final on the evening of Sunday 27th. The event will be played to a single elimination format over six days with two sessions a day. There are 31 matches in total.

2015 World Cup of Pool Schedule – All matches are race to 7, except quarter and semi-finals (to 9) and the final (to 10).

Tuesday 22nd afternoon 12.30
R1 Korea (16) v Malaysia
R1 China (8) v Romania
R1 Canada (12) v France

Tuesday 22nd evening 18.30
R1 Germany (9) v Indonesia
R1 England A (1) v Australia
R1 Austria (5) v Peru

Wednesday 23rd afternoon 12.30
R1 Poland (13) v New Zealand
R1 Taiwan (4) v Estonia
R1 Japan (14) v Italy

Wednesday 23rd evening 18.30
R1 USA (6) v Qatar
R1 Holland (3) v India
R1 Philippines (2) v Russia

Thursday 24th afternoon 12.30
R1 Spain (11) v Czech Republic
R1 Finland (10) v Belgium
R1 Greece (7) v Singapore

Thursday 24th evening 18.30
R1 England B (15) v Sweden
R2 Holland (3) / India v Japan (14) / Italy
R2 England A (1) / Australia v Korea (16) / Malaysia

Friday 25th afternoon 12.30
R2 Austria (5) / Peru v Canada (12) / France
R2 China (8) / Romania v Germany (9) / Indonesia
R2 Poland (13) / New Zealand v Taiwan (4) v Estonia

Friday 25th evening 18.30
R2 Spain (11) / Czech Republic v USA (6) / Qatar
R2 Greece (7) / Singapore v Finland (10) / Belgium
R2 England B (15) / Sweden v Philippines (2) / Russia

Saturday 26th afternoon 13.30
Quarter-Final 1
Quarter-Final 2

Saturday 26th evening 18.30
Quarter-Final 3
Quarter-Final 4

Sunday 27th afternoon 13.30
Semi-Final 1
Semi-Final 2

Sunday 27th evening 18.30
The Final

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