Accu-Rack To Be Official Racking Templete Of US Open 9-Ball

Accu-Rack To Be Official Racking Templete Of US Open 9-Ball

Matchroom Multi Sport are pleased to announce that the Outsville Accu-Rack will be the Official Racking Template of the US Open 9-Ball Championship, which takes place at Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas from April 21-16.

A specially-designed commemorative US Open 9-Ball Championship Accu-Rack has been commissioned and will be used exclusively during the double elimination stage of the US Open. Section referees will use the Accu-Rack to rack balls for all double elimination matches.

Outsville’s Chris Renfro said: “Outsville is very pleased to be included in the 2019 US Open and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Matchroom.

“Frozen Racks in 30 seconds or less! The Accu-Rack is winning the template wars with the help of professional and amateur players alike. Proprietary Geometry and Materials work together to form a template that works where the others fail while lasting four-times longer than plastic.”

Emily Frazer, COO of Matchroom Multi Sport, said: “We are pleased to have Outsville on board for the US Open 9-Ball Championship. Having the Accu-Rack on all tables means we can deliver consistent racking across all tables throughout the double elimination stage of the tournament, something that is highly important to us as Matchroom Multi Sport promote the US Open for the first time.”

Balls will be racked by referees in all matches at the US Open 9-Ball Championship. During the double elimination stage, the 33 tables will be split into groups of three or four with a referee assigned to each section and a score controller at each table. Referees will rack using the Accu-Rack with the 9-ball on the spot and players can break from anywhere behind the headstring.

All matches at the US Open 9-Ball Championship are race to 11, winner breaks, except the final which is race to 13. The draw and match schedule for the first stage of the tournament is available now at

Tickets for the 43rd US Open 9-Ball Championship are still available at from as little as $10 with VIP packages also available for the final three days of the tournament.

The tournament will be split into two stages with the full field playing double elimination down to the final 16 from Sunday April 21st until Tuesday April 23rd across multiple tables. From Wednesday April 24th until Friday April 26th the final 16 players will play straight knockout in the TV Arena in front of a global television audience.

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